Leighton Langley, President

I have been a Rotarian for 15 years. Rotary membership is my way of giving back to our community. However, I soon realised that my Rotary Club gave back to me too, through opportunities to contribute my skills and knowledge and also grow my management and leadership ability.

David Brown, Secretary

I have been in Rotary since 1968, first as a young person in Rotaract (Junior Rotary) and later in New Lynn Rotary Club 1979—2022. I have loved it for all these years. Rotary has been the perfect antidote to work pressure. Both aspects have been complementary

Melanie Mitchell, Treasurer

I joined Rotary because my husband was a member and I had attended many fundraising events and the occasional meeting.  I wanted to be involved with being part of a community organisation.  I enjoy the company of fellow Rotarians and feel we were like-minded in wanting to give back to our community.

Steve Fabris, Community Services

I originally joined Rotary to expedite the purchase of a property belonging to a Rotarian. 23 years and 3 properties later, I am enjoying it more than ever. I am on the Board to assist in any way I can. With no particular skills, other than fishing, I find actively participating makes it possible, as a team, to accomplish a great deal of good in our community.

Louis Kinsler, Bulletin

I joined Rotary in 2010 as I wished to meet and work alongside other professionals in the community on projects that assisted groups and individuals on Waiheke Island. I also wanted to be part of an international organisation with a truly global reach.

Fiona Rubie, Fellowship

I joined Rotary at the start of the year, after moving back to the island. I joined to meet like-minded people, offering my energy and enthusiasm to contribute to our beautiful community which I have been connected to for over 50 years.

Sherryn el Bakary, Youth

I joined Rotary in 2009 as I was keen to give back to the community who had helped me succeed in my real estate business. I am the Youth Director on the Board, and have held the role on and off for the past nine years due to my past experience as a teacher.

Nicola Hambly, Speakers

I have been a Rotarian for nearly 9 years.  I have been a youth leader in the past, but I am now organising speakers for the club for the 2023 – 2024 year and I am always amazed at who we have, from all walks of life, who want to come and speak to us. 

Mary-anne Stuart-William, Digital and Communications

I joined Waiheke Rotary Club in 2021 because I have a long-held belief that if everyone cares for those in their vicinity, then many hardships can be alleviated for people.

Steve Hall, Immediate Past President

I joined the Rotary club of Waiheke Island to network with business people and in particular, to support Rotary community fund raising projects.

Gordon Cuthbert, Almoner


Sherri Hinch, Membership